Gundog Glossary of Terms

Hearing words at training or on a shoot and not sure what they mean?                                                                                  

Common Gundog Terms 

Gundog: A Gundog is a type of dog that is specifically bred and trained to assist hunters in retrieving game or locating and flushing out game birds. They have keen instincts, excellent scenting abilities, and are skilled in retrieving game from land or water.

Retrieving: Retrieving refers to the act of a Gundog locating and bringing back game that has been shot or fallen during a hunt. Gundogs are trained to retrieve game birds such as ducks, pheasants, or grouse, and deliver them to their handler without damaging the game.

Flushing: Flushing refers to the act of a Gundog locating and causing game birds to take flight, making them accessible to hunters. Gundogs use their natural instincts and training to flush out birds from their hiding places, allowing hunters to take a shot.

Scenting: Scenting is the ability of a Gundog to detect and follow the scent trail left by game. Gundogs have a highly developed sense of smell, allowing them to track and locate game even in challenging terrain or dense cover.

Pointing: Pointing is a behavior exhibited by certain breeds of Gundogs, such as Pointers and Setters. When a Gundog detects the presence of game, they freeze in a pointing stance, with their nose directed towards the location of the game. This alerts the hunter to the game's location.

Quartering: Quartering is a technique used by Gundogs to search an area systematically during a hunt. The Gundog moves back and forth in a zigzag pattern in front of the hunter, covering the ground to locate game or pick up scent trails.

Whistle Commands: Whistle commands are signals given to Gundogs using specific whistle sounds. These commands are often used for greater control and distance communication during hunting or training sessions. For example, a short whistle blast may indicate a recall command, while a series of whistle blows may signal a change in direction or a stop command.

Water Work: Water work refers to the training and tasks performed by Gundogs in aquatic environments. Gundogs are trained to retrieve game from water, swim confidently, and navigate through various water obstacles.

Steadiness: Steadiness refers to the ability of a Gundog to remain calm, focused, and controlled during a hunt, even in the presence of distractions or tempting scents. A steady Gundog waits patiently until given a command before taking any action, ensuring safe and efficient hunting.

These terms provide a general understanding of the key concepts in Gundog training and hunting. However, it's important to note that specific breeds and training methods may have variations in terminology and techniques.