Part & Fully Trained Gundogs

We regularly have part and fully trained gundogs for sale at various stages in their training. Below you will find details of those that we have supplied recently.

'CHAOS' - In Training SOLD 

Black Labrador Retriever Sourced for a client

Our pup2peg training programme is becoming increasingly popular for members of the shooting world. Looking for us to take in their pup, sometimes sourcing them a pup, from as early as 8 weeks, and take that pup through all its relevant training stages. From toilet training right through to shoot day experience, before undertaking an extensive hand over ensuring that the client gets up to the standard of the dog. 

All dogs on this program have become valuable assets in the shooting field, and references are available.


Black Labrador Retriever from our 2022 'Stanta' litter. Now does a bit of beating and continuation of his retriever gundog training with the client. 

Absolutely lovely dog, easy to train, and an absolutely superb temperament bred from Steve's Reeve. Ernie left with Solid Recall, Lovely retrieve and hold, stop whistle, hunt whistle, walking to heel on and off lead, solid sit, directions, left, right and back. Marked and Memory retrieves were a walk in the park for him. 

The Yellow Lab is Alf Ernie's brother who is a regular in Steve's picking up team, showing all the characteristics of Ernie and his mum Reeve


Yellow Labrador Retriever from our 2021 'Dads Army' litter. A very sweet-natured, honest dog, ideal for a lady handler. 

Left BGDT with sold recall, sit, whistle commands, stop whistle, left, right and back directionals, and a love to retrieve. 

'Atlas' - In Training SOLD

Black Labrador Retriever from our 2023 Hollie Litter

Now on our Pup2Peg programme and working towards being ready for the 2024/25 shooting season as part of the clients picking up team. Atlas will undergo our foundation training on placeboards, then move on to field work at around 6 months old, by which time he will already be walking to heel on and off lead, steady to a thrown dummy, have all the whistle commands, and have a good drive to retrieve. 

Moving it the field to continue training puts all those basic skills to the next level of test. 

'Ozzy' - SOLD

Sourced for a very discerning client, a Pair of Male Labradors for complete Pup2Peg Training, taking them from puppy to fully trained peg dog in 12 months. 

Both boys came from an excellent lineage with a history of trainability and health. Both now do around 40 shoot days a year, starting on the Grouse Moors in August and working through to the Partridge and Pheasant later in the season. Stunning dog, superb temperament, and attitude to game finding. 

'Finn' SOLD

Brother to Ozzy above and again an absolute joy to train for the client. Finn has picked grouse on the moors, partridge and pheasant, following a complete Pup2Peg training programme.