Sunday Gundog Training Groups

Our Group Training classes offer structured training from beginner through to advanced. Providing our clients with targets and goals throughout their training, ensuring the dog and handler achieve at every opportunity by following our structured training.


The starting point for all our puppy gundogs under 6 months old. Getting to work on building a solid foundation, through bond and trust, with pups being taught the basics from an early age to give you and your gundog puppy the very best start to your gundog training journey.


Ideal for pups that have come through our 'Pidgeon' level and puppies over 6 months that are new to the gundog world. Working through the 3'D's of obedience and introducing the fun of the retrieve without pressure. 


Your pup is now 12 months old and is pushing along nicely in your gundog training journey. Working to a good standard on marked retrieves, steadiness, and general obedience, we introduce directional control, memories, and more. 


The highest level for our non-shooting clients. Will see you and your gundog working as a team, through consistency and a mutual bond and trust, your pup will have solid obedience, including recall, on and offlead walking, and much much more. 


To obtain this level you will have not only excelled through the other levels, you will no doubt have put many hours of training in with your gundog. This level is not for the faint-hearted. This level gives you the opportunity of being assessed in the shooting field, and to see if you and your dog can become a valuable asset to a shoot day.