Residential Gundog Training

Providing professional training for your pet or working gundog, with a range of training packages to suit.


Ideal for Puppies from 8 Weeks to 6 Months Old.

A good portion of our business is in sourcing and the initial training of gundog puppies. We look into the best breeder doing all the initial homework and then source from a particular litter the right gundog puppy for you and your family. 

The pup then stays with us from 8 weeks old, and can then be crate trained, house trained, and basic training started, to give the pup the best possible start in life. 


Ideal for Gundogs from 6 to 12 Months Old

Following on from our Residential Puppy Gundog Training we can continue your pup's training towards being a very well-behaved part-trained gundog, or at 12 months a well-trained pet dog. All our residentially trained dogs can then benefit from top-up training annually when you go on holiday should you wish.  

Your pup will be treated like one of our own and will be trained to your requirements in the time it is with us. Top-up training for dogs trained in this way can be booked whilst you take a holiday if you so wish. 


Ideal for Gundogs from 8 Weeks+

Our pup2peg training programme is becoming increasingly popular for members of the shooting world. Looking for us to take in their pup, sometimes sourcing them a pup, from as early as 8 weeks, and take that pup through all its relevant training stages. From toilet training right through to shoot day experience, before undertaking an extensive hand over ensuring that the client gets up to the standard of the dog. 

All dogs on this program have become valuable assets in the shooting field, and references are available.