Puppy Gundog Training Groups

Our Puppy Gundog Group Training offers structured training from 8 weeks old, with the basics leading on to more formal training when pups are vaccinated. All our training is rewards based training, shaping the puppy we want for the shooting field. 

Puppy 'Gundog' Training in Norfolk

Our Puppy Gundog Training is currently available in 3 formats, to help you know exactly where to start to get the most out of your Gundog Puppy.

In-home sessions can start as soon as you get the puppy home, this is the time in the pup's life when it soaks up so much information, and that period between 8 and 16 weeks old, sets the pup up for success.

121 sessions with Steve here at Ashill, will take your training further in our secure outdoor training facilities. Usually, these sessions can start at 6 months plus or as soon as you have completed your in-home session.

Group sessions allow you to work your pup with other distractions, other pups, and people, and give you a controlled way of socializing your puppy with others.

All our Gundog Puppy Training is aimed at giving you the stuff to do with your new puppy in the weeks and months following its arrival in its new home. Each of the things we teach you are based around playing with your puppy, making it fun and enjoyable for you both, with long-term goals and plans in mind. We want to get our puppy loving its Gundog Role and seek to achieve happy pups enthusiastic in their work.

If you intend on doing any kind of gundog training, whether you are looking to work your dog in the shooting field, or simply after a stimulating hobby and training method for your dog, our Puppy Gundog Training gets you off to the best possible start, that start (and where solid foundations are laid) can be as soon as you get your puppy home.

Group puppy Gundog classes allow you to train your dog in an environment with the distractions of people and other dogs,, and also to train with like-minded people.

Classes are professionally put together, with a structured training plan that is fluid as the course gets underway. You will have homework between sessions, if you think you can train your dog in just an hour a week with no training between sessions, then we are not the gundog trainer for you.