Nick Crook
28th December 2023
You don’t need to go anywhere else….

I have been coming to Breckland Gundog Training for nearly two years after previously using a different (recommended) Gundog trainer. I switched to Steve and Mel at Breckland Gundog training as I found the previous trainer somewhat disinterested in both the needs of myself as a handler and my dog. The methods at Breckland Gundog training have been simple to implement and see through without over complicated steps thrown in. The individual needs of dog and handler are met and the support from Steve allows us to work at our pace to get the best from us as a pair. I no longer have to carry around a pocket full of food to bribe my dog with and using only calm positive praise as reward the improvements have been brilliant. I’m looking forward to the day we see the results in the shooting field. I wish we had started with Breckland Gundog Training from the off!

Ben Sandle
23rd December 2023
A top class gun dog trainer!

We first came across Steve when we were looking for a trainer to teach us and our first dog some general obedience. We got on well and after seeing the results of his training methods I asked Steve to find me a black lab with a nice thick head I could train to take shooting! Steve supplied me with a fantastic pup we named Jack. He then followed this up with teaching me and Jack all the skills and training methods we needed to turn him into a solid gun dog. We used both a mixture of 121’s and the group training sessions which I found extremely helpful to get us to where we are today! Jack will shortly turn 2 and has just had his first 4 successful days on the peg this season! He’s proof in the pudding that Steve’s training works after receiving compliments on how steady he was and following all the commands we have been working on out in the field. I’d strongly recommend Steve if you’re serious about training your dog for the field!

22nd December 2023
Would highly recommend

Iv been going to Steve for 2 years, I can't recommend him enough. Always there on hand if I had some training issues with simple but effective solutions.

Becky Finbow
19th December 2023
Finally someone on my wave length!

After going to a number of different dogs trainers over the years, I’ve never found one that gives me the time and skill set I was after. That was until I met Steve! His dedication and care to both me and my dogs is amazing. He has given me confidence in both myself and my dogs ability, and I even get to now call him a friend! Thanks Steve, for everything.

Ed Maxim
18th December 2023
Best call I've made for a long time

I first met Steve a few years back. Reasonably typical story, bought a puppy, thought it was going to be easy . . it wasn't. . ended up getting dragged on walked, after one particularly horrible walk got to the point 'enough is enough' help me google! found Breckland Dog Training, booked in for a 1:1 with Steve . . best session I've ever had, within 10 min Chester was walking to heal. Turns out it was me who was doing it all wrong, not the dog! Following the 1:1 Chester & I attended a series of group classes with Steve both the classes and the other dog owners really made the experience beneficial. We've since bought another dog (Arlo) and having learnt from our mistakes decided to do things properly this time, so have followed the placeboard training, attending weekly puppy classes, a few 1:1's to get Arlo to a standard I can take him on a shoot. Having watched Steve working his dogs 'in the real world' and hearing compliments from the 'guns', 'pickers' and 'brushers' about 'how well Steve's dogs perform, it is clear he does actually know what he's on about . . .although don't say I said that! I can honestly say if you want results, are prepared to actually listen to the instruction provided and do you 'homework' then Breckland Gundog Training are the right call.

Katie C
4th December 2023
Simply the best

5 stars really doesn’t give Steve justice. I’m so thankful for ‘my’ training. It’s not just about my dog, it’s educating me to be able to get the most out of my dog and always ensuring his safety. Steve is a true dog lover, honest and to the point! I don’t want pish and fluff! If I am not doing what’s right for my dog then that’s what I pay Steve for - honest trustworthy guidances I would highly recommend. If you want to give your pup or older dog the best chance then look no further! He really is simply the best.

Kathryn Taylor
18th March 2022

Wow! Our dogs are 4 and we've never been able to walk them on just a collar and lead because they are strong and pull so much, one session with Steve,a change of collar, and... a week of walking without a head collar!, we could not be happier with the advice and time we've been given from such a great trainer. We would and have recommended Steve to anyone.

Stephen C
4th September 2021
I'm giving Steve Swallow the strongest of recommendations

I missed my first bird but killed the second. The drive was a little light my end and nothing else worth shooting came by. The drive ended and I sent Finn as I had been trained to do and he came back with a lovely retrieve to cement 18 months of learning and listening to Steve’s excellent advice. I was absolutely delighted. Finn continued through the day to pick one bird after another and deliver to hand – a dozen partridge and a pigeon in all. I could not be happier and more excited about the busy season that Finn and I have ahead. Our journey started through recommendation and Steve and I agreed terms on a Pup to Peg arrangement. My circumstances were simple, I acknowledged that I did not have the time nor the ability to train a dog to the standard I wanted and the old maxim, give an expert’s job to an expert drove my thinking. I had tried and failed a long time ago with a spaniel and was determined not to make the same mistakes again. Steve provided first support to source our puppy from the right litter and pedigree. I visited Finn every few weeks at first and he came home with us every 6 weeks or so to vary his routine and get used to our family life and a range of badly behaved pets but importantly, to give Steve and Suzy a well earned break! We went to Breckland every month for training and then every 2 weeks during the later stages. Finn came to us full time 7 weeks ago and my shooting journey with him has just begun and we will continue to lean on Steve for support and polish where needed. I am absolutely thrilled with the advice, support, encouragement and when needed, honest feedback given over the last 18 months from Steve. If you are considering a Pup to Peg journey or simply a short term brush up on skills, I could not be happier and more sincere in giving Steve Swallow the strongest of recommendations. Give yourself up to Steve, listen and learn and the results will amaze you.

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