Ben Sandle
23rd December 2023

A top class gun dog trainer!

We first came across Steve when we were looking for a trainer to teach us and our first dog some general obedience. We got on well and after seeing the results of his training methods I asked Steve to find me a black lab with a nice thick head I could train to take shooting! Steve supplied me with a fantastic pup we named Jack. He then followed this up with teaching me and Jack all the skills and training methods we needed to turn him into a solid gun dog. We used both a mixture of 121’s and the group training sessions which I found extremely helpful to get us to where we are today! Jack will shortly turn 2 and has just had his first 4 successful days on the peg this season! He’s proof in the pudding that Steve’s training works after receiving compliments on how steady he was and following all the commands we have been working on out in the field. I’d strongly recommend Steve if you’re serious about training your dog for the field!