How much does Gun Dog training cost?

When it comes to training a dog, for the most part puppy owners think they just need to attend 6 weeks of stuffing their dog full of food in an attempt to train their dog. However, more an more people in our experience are scared stiff of getting the early training wrong.

Breckland Gundog Training, part of Breckland Dog Training Limited, have over the last 18 months assisted many new dog owners with the training of their pet dogs or gundogs. Thich has been for some just £90 for a few group lessons, to £100's for 121 private lessons.

Residential Training is also a good way of getting your pup off to a flying start, offering a mix of quality training, consistent with your requirements, attendance with our trainers in group classes run by us, and also socialisation with stable calm dogs, not the out of control dogs that may live in your area.

Residential Training for pups is (for a minimum of 4 weeks) £250 per week, with gundogs / 6 month old plus pups £180 per week (again for a minimum of 4 weeks)

Part trained dogs and full trained dogs are also a good way of getting the dog you want, with prices ranging from £3500 to £6000+

There are a variety of training options for you and your pet / gundog, and a mix of them may well provide everything you need for a trained, mannered and calm dog.

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