Some years ago I watched a demo at a game fair of a gundog trainer (a well reputed one) training pups with placeboards. Well, I have to admit along with the person I was with we set about ripping the process to pieces, and concluded it was a waste of time, a gimmick. Fast forward a few years, and I have to say I was wrong. 

During lockdown one, with plenty of time on my hands, I started looking at other trainers in more detail, and wanted to develop my skills, in a more rounded way, so that I could offer my clients and their handlers more of a training toolbox. Watching hours of videos, reading numerous books, and even being shown by a trainer that I respect in Suffolk, it became apparent that with a couple of tweaks to the training I had watched, so that I was comfortable in what I was going to teach others, I set about knocking up some placeboards, and getting to work on training one of my Labradors. 

Once I started playing and working out what could work for my clients, I started to build a process that has to date worked very well for a number of dogs I have been training for clients.

To coincide with that I have put together a very easy to understand placeboard training guide, helping you to start to teach the foundations of your pups basic training, which includes:-

  • Sits & Sit Stays 
  • Sit / Stop Whistle
  • Recall
  • Retrieve 
  • Heelwork
  • Return To Heel 
  • Steadiness Drills 
  • Transition off of the placeboards, 
  • And, more. 
If you are interested in understanding more and would like to start your placeboard training then contact [email protected] today.