Steadiness is a crucial skill for a gundog, as it ensures they remain calm and composed in the field, even in the presence of distractions like other dogs, birds, or other animals. Here are some exercises to help improve your gundog's steadiness:

Sit-Stay Command: Start with the basic sit-stay command. Practice having your dog sit and stay for gradually increasing durations. Use treats and praise as rewards for staying still.

Remote Sit-Stay: Once your dog is comfortable with the sit-stay command, start practicing it from a distance. Gradually increase the distance between you and your dog while asking them to stay. This helps build their self-control and focus on your commands.

Distraction Training: Introduce controlled distractions while your dog is in a sit-stay position. Use toys, other dogs, or even food placed nearby to simulate real-world hunting situations. Teach your dog that staying steady is more rewarding than chasing after distractions.

Delayed Release: Practice delaying the release command after your dog has successfully held the sit-stay. This teaches your dog that they need to remain steady until given the signal to move.

Walking By: Walk around your dog while they are in a sit-stay position. This helps your dog get used to you moving around them without breaking their steadiness.

Dummy Throws: Start by throwing dummies or training bumpers at a distance from your dog. Initially, throw them in a direction that your dog can see but can't reach. Gradually increase the difficulty by throwing dummies in different directions. Your dog should remain steady until you release them to retrieve.

Honoring Another Dog: If you have access to another steady gundog, use them as a distraction. Have the other dog perform retrieves while your dog remains steady in a sit-stay. This helps your dog learn to maintain focus even when other dogs are working.

Simulate Shooting: Practice making the sound of a gunshot or using a starting pistol while your dog is in a sit-stay. Gradually increase the volume and intensity to desensitize your dog to the noise.

Vary Environments: Practice steadiness in various environments such as fields, forests, and water bodies. This helps your dog generalize their training to different hunting situations.

Duration and Distance: As your dog progresses, work on increasing both the duration of the sit-stay and the distance between you and your dog. This will help solidify their steadiness under more challenging conditions.

Remember that positive reinforcement, patience, and consistency are key to successful steadiness training. Always end training sessions on a positive note and make sure to adjust the difficulty level gradually to prevent your dog from becoming frustrated or overwhelmed. If you're new to gundog training or are having trouble, consider seeking guidance from a professional gundog trainer.