Teaching a gundog involves a variety of skills that are essential for their role as hunting companions. Here are some key skills and commands to teach a gundog:

1. Basic Obedience:

- Teach commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Down. Basic obedience is the foundation for all other training and ensures the dog is under control in various situations.

2. Retrieve:

- Teach the dog to retrieve dummies or bumpers on land and in water. Make sure they have a soft mouth to handle game gently without causing damage.

3. Steadiness:

- Train the dog to remain calm and steady when birds or other game are flushed or shot, waiting for the handler's signal to retrieve.

4. Scent Work:

- Introduce scent exercises to enhance the dog's natural ability to track and locate game through their sense of smell.

5. Gun Conditioning:

- Familiarize the dog with the sound of gunfire and ensure they are not gun-shy, associating gunshots with positive experiences like retrieves or treats.

6. Quartering:

- Teach the dog to work in a zig-zag pattern in front of the handler during hunts, effectively covering ground and searching for game.

7. Blind Retrieves:

- Train the dog to retrieve game or dummies from locations they have not seen fall, relying on memory and handling commands from the handler.

8. Water Work (if applicable):

- Build the dog's confidence in swimming and retrieving from water, especially for waterfowl hunting.

9. Recall under Distractions:

- Ensure the dog responds reliably to the recall command (come) even in distracting hunting scenarios.

10. Hold and Drop:

- Teach the dog to hold onto and deliver the retrieved game or objects gently to the handler's hand upon command.

11. Directional Commands:

- Introduce directional commands like "Left" and "Right" to guide the dog to specific areas during hunts.

12. Off-Leash Control:

- Train the dog to work off-leash, maintaining good control and responsiveness to commands.

13. Field Etiquette:

- Teach the dog to work cooperatively with other dogs in the field and to respond to commands from other handlers when necessary.

14. Safety and Proper Behavior

- Instill safety principles, ensuring the dog behaves appropriately during hunts, follows commands, and does not chase non-target animals.

Consistency, positive reinforcement, and patience are key when training a gundog. Remember that each dog learns at its own pace, so adjust the training program to suit your dog's individual needs and abilities. If needed, seek assistance from a professional gundog trainer who can provide guidance and support in developing your dog's hunting skills.