Where do I start with gundog training?

First and foremost, never start with anything too formal or unachievable, you have seen the social media posts, ‘my pup is only 12 weeks doing 100 yard memories’, or a 16 week old pup owner asking when they can start training blinds, but hasn't even got a recall . 

Before you start to worry about training the glory stuff, make sure you have two things in place, BEFORE !

Bond - Does your pup actually pay you any attention, want to be with you, notice you even exist? No? Then no point moving forward until this is in place. 

If Yes, then start to build on the play drive of the pup, almost all pups want to play and get up to mischief / explore, so tap into that first, do go bribing it with food from the off. You need a Bond, the dog needs to know you exist and have fun with you, so the dog knows you are capable of creating their entertainment rather than them seeking it elsewhere. 

Playing - Play with your dog, should be short bursts of fun, incorporating the play retrieve, the sit, the recall, the pups name and more, teaching the pup while it's having fun, is the key to the bond, and your pup wanting to be with you and do stuff for you.