Mel Newton
24th March 2020

Wish I’d found Steve in the first place!

I’ve been training with Steve for a few months now, initially with a 1-1 to stop lead pulling - boom it worked!! Started gundog training the very next day with Steve and my relationship with Cooper has gone from strength to strength. Recently had another 1-1 to iron out some recall worries I had - turns out it’s me who needed the training! I’ve been putting all his tips (which are simple, easily understood and honest to God things that work!!) into practice and I’m enjoying walks with a dog that now chooses to walk next to me, responds to me and is getting so much more out of our walks. Steve is amazing, he’s a dog trainer who knows his stuff will teach you to correct your bad habits and is a true dog lover at heart. I just wish I had found Steve when Cooper was a puppy!