Stephen C
4th September 2021

I'm giving Steve Swallow the strongest of recommendations

I missed my first bird but killed the second. The drive was a little light my end and nothing else worth shooting came by. The drive ended and I sent Finn as I had been trained to do and he came back with a lovely retrieve to cement 18 months of learning and listening to Steve’s excellent advice. I was absolutely delighted. Finn continued through the day to pick one bird after another and deliver to hand – a dozen partridge and a pigeon in all. I could not be happier and more excited about the busy season that Finn and I have ahead. Our journey started through recommendation and Steve and I agreed terms on a Pup to Peg arrangement. My circumstances were simple, I acknowledged that I did not have the time nor the ability to train a dog to the standard I wanted and the old maxim, give an expert’s job to an expert drove my thinking. I had tried and failed a long time ago with a spaniel and was determined not to make the same mistakes again. Steve provided first support to source our puppy from the right litter and pedigree. I visited Finn every few weeks at first and he came home with us every 6 weeks or so to vary his routine and get used to our family life and a range of badly behaved pets but importantly, to give Steve and Suzy a well earned break! We went to Breckland every month for training and then every 2 weeks during the later stages. Finn came to us full time 7 weeks ago and my shooting journey with him has just begun and we will continue to lean on Steve for support and polish where needed. I am absolutely thrilled with the advice, support, encouragement and when needed, honest feedback given over the last 18 months from Steve. If you are considering a Pup to Peg journey or simply a short term brush up on skills, I could not be happier and more sincere in giving Steve Swallow the strongest of recommendations. Give yourself up to Steve, listen and learn and the results will amaze you.